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Taskar Group is well- known name in healthcare industry, for 10 years. We are making assault in India & in MENA Countries in Turn-Key Project Consultancy. "Taskar- India’s 1st healthcare mall" is an innovation, of Taskar Group and surprisingly no such concept exists in the world! "Taskar – India's 1st healthcare mall" concept is completely dedicated for humanity. We started with the mission statement of "Healthcare for all", with this statement. It became a movement instead of a company. Company's prime aim is to saturate every city, district of India with healthcare facilities.


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Case Study

Taskar Group Achieves Healthcare Excellence with KloudBean Managed Cloud for DotNet

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Taskar Group, a well-known name in the healthcare industry for the past decade, is making significant strides in India and MENA countries with its Turn-Key Project Consultancy services. “Taskar – India’s 1st healthcare mall,” an innovative concept dedicated to healthcare access for all, has become a movement. This is a conversation with Shubham Chauhan, the Tech Lead at Taskar Group, about the challenges they faced and how they overcame them with KloudBean.

KloudBean: Can you tell us about your role at Tasker Group and your responsibilities?

Shubham Chauhan: I am Shubham Chauhan, the Tech Lead at Taskar Group. Over the past 4 years, I’ve witnessed steady growth in our business. My responsibilities include lead generation, customer retention, contracting, outreach, web development, web design, marketing, PPC, SEO, copy creation, server provisioning, and finances.

KloudBean: What services does Taskar Group provide, your client base, and your unique selling points (USP)?

Shubham Chauhan: Taskar Group offers a range of services, including Turn-Key Project Consultancy. We currently serve 16 active clients, ranging from large businesses to individuals entering the healthcare industry. Our USP lies in our ability to support healthcare projects of all sizes and provide tailored solutions.

KloudBean: How did you first hear about KloudBean, and what specific challenges prompted the switch to KloudBean?

Shubham Chauhan: We discovered KloudBean as we were searching for an alternative hosting provider. The primary challenge we faced was high hosting fees that were eating into our revenue. Performance and security were major concerns. Since migrating to KloudBean, we’ve witnessed significant improvements in cost, website performance, security, and outstanding customer support.

KloudBean: Prior to KloudBean, which hosting solution were you using, and are you using any other hosting service currently?

Shubham Chauhan: We were using Azure and AWS, but the costs were skyrocketing, and the application’s stability was a major issue. After switching to KloudBean, we no longer require other management services.

KloudBean: What were your initial impressions when you first started using KloudBean?

Shubham Chauhan: Setting up our infrastructure with KloudBean was remarkably straightforward. The platform’s ease of use and quick provisioning of resources left a strong positive impression.

KloudBean: What, in your opinion, sets KloudBean apart from other hosting providers?

Shubham Chauhan: KloudBean’s differentiation lies in its affordability, performance, and customization options. The ability to optimize and tailor server settings to our specific needs, along with cost-effectiveness, is a major advantage.

KloudBean: How do you utilize KloudBean to address the challenges faced by Taskar Group?

Shubham Chauhan: KloudBean effectively addresses our hosting and infrastructure challenges, ensuring our healthcare projects run smoothly. The exceptional customer support provided by KloudBean’s team has been instrumental in resolving any issues promptly.

KloudBean: How has KloudBean contributed to the success of Tasker Group, and how do its features align with your needs?

Shubham Chauhan: KloudBean’s scalability, affordability, and high-performance hosting have played a crucial role in Taskar Group’s success. The ability to scale resources as needed ensures our healthcare projects thrive.

KloudBean: Out of the cloud providers available on KloudBean, which one(s) do you prefer to use and why?

Shubham Chauhan: We prefer KloudBean’s services as they have provided the ideal solution for our needs.

KloudBean: What values do you perceive from KloudBean?

Shubham Chauhan: The top three values from KloudBean, in my perspective, are affordability, exceptional performance, and high-quality service.

KloudBean: How do you feel about the partnership between Taskar Group and KloudBean?

Shubham Chauhan: Our partnership with KloudBean has been incredibly beneficial. The support, discounts, and access to industry seminars have added immense value. We foresee this partnership driving Tasker Group’s growth in the long run.

KloudBean: Did switching to KloudBean free up resources for Taskar Group, and if so, how were these resources utilized?

Shubham Chauhan: Yes, switching to KloudBean freed up valuable resources, which we have allocated to further enhance our healthcare projects and expand our services.

KloudBean: What features or improvements would you like to see from KloudBean in the future?

Shubham Chauhan: Currently, KloudBean provides all the features we need as an organization. We are highly satisfied with their services.