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Rohit Katare

CEO And Owner

Case Study

How Kloudbean Helped DataSans in Handling Technical Server Issues and Scaling Ecommerce Stores Seamlessly

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Case Study: Enhancing E-Commerce with Datasans and KloudBean


Navigating the complex landscape of digital agencies involves numerous challenges, including acquiring new projects, adhering to deadlines, and fulfilling client expectations. Agencies must strategically use resources and tools to scale effectively. In this case study, we spotlight Datasans, a distinguished e-commerce platform and marketplace integrator based in Los Angeles, CA, and its successful partnership with KloudBean.

The Challenge:

Since its inception, Datasans has been a significant force in the e-commerce industry, catering to thousands of merchants and specializing in marketplace extensions and add-ons. Rapid expansion necessitated a hosting partner capable of supporting their growth trajectory.

Datasans’ Evolution:

In search of a suitable hosting solution, Datasans experimented with various providers but struggled to find one that fully met their requirements. This case study delves into the challenges Datasans encountered while scaling their Magento stores and how KloudBean emerged as the ideal hosting solution.

Conversation with Rohit Katare, CEO and Owner of Datasans:

KloudBean: Could you introduce yourself and outline your role at Datasans?

Rohit Katare: I’m Rohit Katare, the CEO and Owner of Datasans. Based at our headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, I oversee our strategic direction, manage key partnerships, and ensure project delivery aligns with our high standards. My role involves a blend of leadership, project management, and client relations.

KloudBean: What are the core services of Datasans, and who is your target market?

Rohit Katare: Established in 2010, Datasans specializes in e-commerce solutions, focusing on multivendor marketplace extensions and integrations with leading global marketplaces. Our clientele includes a diverse range of businesses seeking robust e-commerce platforms. Our success is reflected in our recognition, including our repeated listing on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award Winner List.

KloudBean: How did KloudBean become your chosen hosting partner?

Rohit Katare: Our search for an exceptional hosting provider led us to KloudBean. Their unparalleled support, user-friendly configurations, and educational resources made them the obvious choice. KloudBean’s commitment to customer service and technical excellence aligns perfectly with our business needs.

KloudBean: How has KloudBean supported Datasans’ growth and client projects?

Rohit Katare: KloudBean has been pivotal in managing the technical aspects of our Magento projects, simplifying server management for our clients. Their advanced caching and server technologies have enhanced our Magento 2.x applications’ performance significantly.

KloudBean: What has been your experience with KloudBean’s services?

Rohit Katare: Our initial interactions with KloudBean were marked by exceptional support and ease of use. The platform’s straightforward configuration and proactive live chat support have been invaluable in resolving issues swiftly.