Kloudbean: The User-Friendly cPanel Alternative for All, Not Just Developers!

Kloudbean is the streamlined platform for managing your websites, accomplishing tasks in half the time and with half the clicks compared to cPanel.

Tradition isn't always trendy.

cPanel made its debut 25 years ago. Despite being a traditional GUI, a lot has evolved in web hosting since 1996, and cPanel hasn't kept pace. This is why users seek alternatives to cPanel.


- It was crafted for developers with technical expertise.
- Requires additional payment for fundamental features.
- You are assigned responsibility for maintenance.

Our Main Features

Kloudbean: Lightning-Fast, Secure Servers with Prompt Customer Support

Unrestricted Beyond PHP

Host any Tech Stack-based apps such as Python, Ruby, .Net Core, Magento, Laravel, and Wordpres, Node js.

Clear and Honest Pricing

No Surprises, No Hidden Fees: Kloudbean's Transparent Pricing lets you choose your server and resources, so you know precisely what you'll be paying.

Unrivaled Speed and Performance

Kloudbean: Premium Speed and Reliability at Prices Others Reserve for Overloaded Shared Servers.

SSH, SFTP Access

Customize Your Web Stack with the Ability to Toggle Specific Features On and Off as Needed.

Choose Your Cloud Provider at Your Convenience

Select from Four Top-Notch Providers: Linode, AWS, Google Cloud, and Vultr.

No Limitations: Host Unlimited Sites

Whether it's one site or a hundred, it's all good. Launch as many sites as you need on any plan with no restrictions.

No Shared Hosting Here

Kloudbean users enjoy lightning-fast, dedicated servers without sacrificing performance.

User Friendly File Manger and PHPMyadmin

Effortlessly Manage Files and Deploy, and Handle Databases with the User-Friendly PhpMyAdmin. performance.

Kloudbean vs cPanel

Kloudbean simplifies and accelerates hosting administration.

Hosting features Cross cPanel is control panel software and not a hosting provider. Kloudbean serves a visual control interface for its web hosting systems.
High-performance assist Cross cPanel is a control panel, not hosting. Kloudbean offers fast hosting servers and an attractive web hosting control panel.
Selecting servers Cross Pick from Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Lightsail, Linode, or vultr, five of the best cloud service providers.
Ease of use Supports Digital Ocean, Linode, Azure, AWS, Amazon Lightsail and Google Cloud, as part of their Hyperscalers package. cPanel is old with many menus and forms. Kloudbean's simple dashboard manages web servers and sites without learning.
Websites per account Cross On the cheapest cPanel plans, you can only have 1, 5, or 30 accounts. At Kloudbean, there is no such thing as a restricted website.

Create new website Cross WHM is the dashboard cPanel requires to create new hosting accounts. Kloudbean lets you create several servers and sites with a few clicks.
File uploading Cross As of 2023, drag and drop is not supported by cPanel. Must we say anything more?
SSL installation Cross cPanel needs a plugin, and you can only add it through the command line. With Kloudbean, you can set up SSL with just one click.
File manager and editor Cross Visual file managers let you view, modify, and move files without cPanel's endless buttons and FTP downloads and uploads.

Create new website Cross Your worries are over with Kloudbean 1-Click Backup & Restore. The backup feature is a $5.95/month upgrade in cPanel.
File uploading Cross All Kloudbean servers have OS-level firewalls. Firewall extensions cost $12/mo on cPanel.
SSL installation Cross Kloudbean and Malcare protect websites against assaults. Put it together in cPanel with some technical abilities.

WordPress migration Cross cPanel requires database creation and file uploads to your new server. A free plugin from Kloudbean fixes that in a few clicks.
Staging environments Cross Creating a database in cPanel requires several of steps. Kloudbean lets you clone servers or webpages with one click.
Server transfer Cross Kloudbean's 1-Click hosting application lets clients manage servers. You can learn about DNS, Apache, and databases with cPanel.
Team members Cross cPanel charges costs per user account. Kloudbean lets you to invite your complete team to collaborate for free.
Projects & teams Cross Multiple domains can be managed with cPanel. Manage many websites? Klodbean organizes apps into Projects and assigns them to teams.

Lowest plan Cross cPanel offers hobby website hosting at $15 a month. Kloudbean costs $13 a month and allows you run infinite websites at lightening speed.
Core features Cross Kloudbean offers free SSL, team management, health monitoring, and automated backups for all plans. cPanel charges for add-ons.
Billing management Cross One account, one billing section—why complicate? For client billing in one place, cPanel offers a $18.95/mo addon.
Customer support Cross cPanel charges costs per user account. Kloudbean lets you to invite your complete team to collaborate for free.
Server selection The cPanel team migrates your site for free. *Conditions apply. Kloudbean offers 24/7/365 Live Chat on all plans. Customer support at cPanel costs $65/ incident.

Ideal for Those Who Cringe at the Thought of Switching Hosting Providers.

Kloudbean offers an alternative to cPanel , allowing you to pick from Five leading IAAS providers, including LightSail.

Kloudbean Vs cPanel

Kloudbean provides two times the number of data centers and the flexibility to choose from multiple cloud providers.