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Welcome to the Kloudbean Affiliate Program!

Why Partner with Kloudbean?

Are you passionate about cloud hosting and want to earn while promoting a cutting-edge platform? Join the kloudbean Affiliate Program and become a part of our success story.

High Performance

Our servers are meticulously fine-tuned to deliver exceptional speed and performance.

Enhance Security

We provide Bitninja security solutions.

Spam Guard

We have implemented a spam protection guard on our premises.

Unbeatable Support

24*7 live support

Fully Managed

We are fully managed cloud hosting solution


Your server will be monitored by our software 24*7

100% Up Time

Get 100% uptime

Scalable & Customized

You can scale your server at any point of time

Join the kloudbean Affiliate Program in Three Simple Steps



  • Fill in the necessary details to instantly access your affiliate panel.


  • Share affiliate links effortlessly using our promotional banners, exclusive deals, and seasonal campaigns.


  • Enjoy the benefits of a passive income stream with no limits on your potential earnings.
Earnings per Month and Year

Kloudbean Affiliate Program Commission:

Projected Servers to Sell for Permanent Monthly Income Monthly Affiliate's Commission Yearly Affiliate's Commission
10 instances $96 $1,152
20 instances $192 $2,304
50 instances $480 $5,760
100 instances $960 $11,520
200 instances $1,920 $23,040
400 instances $3,840 $46,080
500instances $4,800 $57,600
600 instances $5,760 $69,120

This table illustrates the monthly and yearly commission an affiliate would earn based on the $96 instance price, with the projection for instances to sell for achieving a specific permanent monthly income.

Earn over $300 per sale
unrivaled in the industry!

  • Guided Success: You're never alone on your path to prosperity. Our dedicated account managers ensure you consistently earn top commissions.
  • Customized Earnings: Our tailor-made commission structure keeps you at the pinnacle of earnings, whether you're starting out or a seasoned pro.
  • Lifetime Passive Income: Harness for lifelong, hands-free income with our recurring commission model. Affiliate Program: Turbocharge Your Earnings.

Questions? We’re here to help

At, we specialize exclusively in managing the DevOps journey. While we do not engage in application development, our focus is on optimizing and streamlining the entire DevOps lifecycle. From continuous integration to deployment and monitoring, we ensure a smooth journey for your development and operations teams, maximizing efficiency and minimizing bottlenecks.

Upon completing your server selection and successfully processing payment, launching the instance typically takes a maximum of 7 minutes.

Yes, you have to the previlages to choose the professional.

The deployment process is straightforward at Just select your server and application, then click the "Launch Instance" button. Within 7 minutes, your server will be created and launched. Afterward, effortlessly clone your GitHub repository or upload your code through the file manager for seamless integration.

As a managed cloud service provider, our focus at the moment is not on application development. Instead, we specialize in offering comprehensive cloud management services, ensuring the optimal performance, security, and efficiency of your infrastructure. Our commitment lies in delivering reliable and tailored solutions to meet your specific cloud hosting needs.

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