Kloudbean vs WPEngine

Kloudbean: Premier WPEngine Alternative.

Embracing smooth website hosting and reinforcing a robust business model depends on choosing the right hosting platform. Kloudbean offers managed WordPress hosting with fast speeds, a substantial storage capacity, and generous bandwidth. Unlike WP Engine, Kloudbean allows you to select your cloud hosting provider from the best options, including Linode, Vultr, Google Cloud, Amazon Lightsail and AWS. With enhanced flexibility and a quicker, high-performance hosting solution, Kloudbean distinguishes itself from WP Engine with its affordable and transparent pricing model.

Kloudbean ensures virtually 100% uptime and a swift 0.5-second loading speed, delivering unwavering performance.

Kloudbean delivers greater speed, storage, and bandwidth at lower rates for unlimited sites. Even our starter plan provides a generous 1TB bandwidth, a significant contrast to WPEngine's 50GB, and this performance advantage only escalates as you scale up.

Our Main Features

Kloudbean: Lightning-Fast, Secure Servers with Prompt Customer Support

Unrestricted Beyond PHP

Host any Tech Stack-based apps such as Python, Ruby, .Net Core, Magento, Laravel, and Wordpres, Node js.

Clear and Honest Pricing

No Surprises, No Hidden Fees: Kloudbean's Transparent Pricing lets you choose your server and resources, so you know precisely what you'll be paying.

Unrivaled Speed and Performance

Kloudbean: Premium Speed and Reliability at Prices Others Reserve for Overloaded Shared Servers.

SSH, SFTP Access

Customize Your Web Stack with the Ability to Toggle Specific Features On and Off as Needed.

Choose Your Cloud Provider at Your Convenience

Select from Four Top-Notch Providers: Linode, AWS, Google Cloud, and Vultr.

No Limitations: Host Unlimited Sites

Whether it's one site or a hundred, it's all good. Launch as many sites as you need on any plan with no restrictions.

No Shared Hosting Here

Kloudbean users enjoy lightning-fast, dedicated servers without sacrificing performance.

User Friendly File Manger and PHPMyadmin

Effortlessly Manage Files and Deploy, and Handle Databases with the User-Friendly PhpMyAdmin. performance.

Kloudbean vs WpEngine

Starting With Kloudbean Saves You More $$$

Site Included 1 Unlimited
Visit/Month 2,50,000 Unlimited
Storage 10 GB 40 GB
Bandwidth 50 GB 1 TB
Ram Undisclosed 2 GB
Processor Processor 1 Core
Trial No Free Trial Anytime Cancellation

Ideal for Those Who Cringe at the Thought of Switching Hosting Providers

Kloudbean offers an alternative to WPEngine, allowing you to pick from Five leading IAAS providers, including LightSail.

Kloudbean Vs WPEngine

Kloudbean provides two times the number of data centers and the flexibility to choose from multiple cloud providers.