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Simplified Magento Hosting on the Cloud

Realize Your Ecommerce Ambitions
Experience Lightning-Fast Speed
Seize the Competitive Edge
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Effortless Deployment

Magento server setup is swift and straightforward, so you can skip the technical complexities.

Streamlined Cloud Management

Efficient cloud server management empowers productive and focused teams.

Optimized for Peak Performance

Leverage cutting-edge cache technologies and finely tuned Magento web hosting servers for an unparalleled online shopping experience.

Efficient, Scalable, Comprehensive Managed Magento Hosting

Experience Magento cloud hosting that prioritizes security and performance, enabling you to focus on what truly matters.


SSD-Powered Magento Cloud Hosting

Dedicated Resources for Ultimate Performance
Total Control in Your Hands
Experience Magento at Its Best

Experience Faster Loading Times with HTTP/2

Elevate Core Web Vitals Scores
Integrate Cloudflare in a Few Clicks
Superior Hosting with Reliable Performance

Enhance Security and Performance with Cloudflare

Our hosting stack for Magento utilizes the latest technologies, including Apache, Nginx, PHP-FPM, and MariaDB, to optimize loading times effectively.

Choose Your PHP Version

Flexibility at Your Fingertips
Select from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.2

Optimized Technology Stack

Unparalleled Loading Speeds
Leveraging the Latest: Apache, Nginx, PHP-FPM, and MariaDB.

Advanced Cache Options

Boost Your Magento Store's Speed
Choose from FPC, Varnish, Memcached, and Redis


Dedicated Firewalls

Our advanced platform firewalls shield your server from unauthorized access and attacks, including IP spoofing and phishing attempts.

1-Click SSL Setup

Enjoy enhanced security for your Magento website with our built-in Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, ensuring free and secure server-client communications.

IP Whitelisting

You have the ability to establish an IP address whitelist, allowing unrestricted access via SSH and SFTP across various regions and networks.

Auto-Healing Servers

Our auto-healing feature resolves server issues, minimizing downtime and loss for your business.

Automated Backups

Easily schedule automated backups for your Magento application at your preferred frequency (hourly to weekly) or take a backup on demand.

Two-Factor Authentication

We enhance your account security through Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and promptly inform you of any login attempts from an unknown device.


Renowned IaaS Hosting Providers

Select from 60+ World-Class Data Centers, Including Amazon Web Services, Amazon lightsail, Google Cloud, Vultr, Linode and UpCloud to Supercharge Your Magento Application with Lightning Speed.

No Contract

Unlock Cost Efficiency: Embrace Pay-As-You-Go Flexibility! Pay Only for the Resources You Utilize, Without Any Fixed Fees or Binding Contracts.

Block Storage

Utilize High-Performance Block Storage, Effortlessly Expanding Your Storage Capacity Without Altering Other Server Settings

Launch in a Click

Enjoy the freedom and convenience of deploying multiple apps on a single server with our easy 1-Click feature.

Vertical Scaling

Maximize Performance with Enhanced RAM, CPU, and Storage for Optimal Uptime, all at Remarkably Affordable Rates.

24/7 Support

24/7 Expert Support

Access 24/7 Live Chat Support Across All Areas to Ensure Your App runs Smoothly, Free from Any Interruptions.

Ticketing System

Post your inquiries via our ticketing system to circumvent any queue-related delays. Our skilled engineers are committed to promptly addressing every query you have.

Support Add-ons

Explore our advanced and premium add-ons to enjoy priority support. Share your specific needs with us, and we'll handle them with utmost care and attention.


We provide a comprehensive monitoring tool for both server and application troubleshooting. Should you encounter any challenges, our dedicated support engineers are at your service to assist you promptly.

Professional Managed Migrations

Experience a seamless migration to our hosting platform. Share your application details, and we'll execute the move without any disruptions, ensuring a smooth transition.

Knowledge Base

We provide a centralized Knowledge Base for our customers, serving as your go-to resource for any assistance regarding our hosting platform.



SSH and SFTP offer secure server access and file updates for your application. You can also set up SFTP credentials for your team.

1-Click Cloning

Clone your WooCommerce store or server instantly with one click, obtaining new staging URLs for compatibility testing and more.

Git Integration

The pre-installed Git on our managed WooCommerce hosting platform simplifies the process of enabling auto-deployment on your live servers, eliminating the need to fret over code modifications.

Team Collaboration

Efficiently dividing projects among appropriate teams is made effortless, as we facilitate team members' participation in multiple teams for seamless collaboration.

Staging URLs

We provide complimentary staging URLs and environments for your convenience during the setup, testing, and development of your Magento Applications.

User Roles

You have the flexibility to allocate tasks within your team, regardless of their location, and grant them either comprehensive or restricted access to your Magento Applications and server.

Questions? We’re here to help

We offers a specialized managed hosting solution for Magento, providing a cloud-based infrastructure with optimal performance, security, and scalability tailored to Magento-powered websites.

Our Magento hosting ensures high performance, seamless scalability, robust security features, and expert support, optimizing your Magento store's efficiency and user experience.

Absolutely, our Magento Managed Cloud Hosting is designed to accommodate the needs of large-scale e-commerce operations, offering scalability and performance to support high traffic and extensive product catalogs.

Yes, our expert support team assists with seamless migration, ensuring a smooth transition of your Magento store to our managed cloud hosting platform.

We implement robust security protocols, including regular security audits, SSL encryption, DDoS protection, and proactive monitoring to safeguard your Magento store and customer data.

Yes, we provide automated daily backups to ensure data integrity and offer the ability to restore your Magento store to a specific point in time if needed.

Our hosting platform is optimized for Magento, utilizing caching mechanisms, content delivery networks (CDN), and server-level optimizations to enhance the performance of your Magento store. offers 24/7 customer support with Magento experts ready to assist you. Our support covers technical issues, performance optimization, and general inquiries related to Magento hosting.

Yes, we offer flexible hosting plans, and our team can work with you to customize a plan that suits your specific requirements, ensuring you get the most out of our Magento Managed Cloud Hosting.

Simply visit our website, choose the Magento hosting plan that fits your needs, and our onboarding process will guide you through setting up your Magento store on our managed cloud hosting platform.

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