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Established in 2022 by a passionate financial professional, our journey began with a vision to revolutionize the way families shop. Today, we proudly stand as a trusted one-stop shop for all, with over 300+ local and international brands under one roof. Ecommerce to Retail: In 2023, we launched our retail presence in one of the largest uniform-selling stores, Threads. Simultaneously, we did a grand back-to-school sale catering to 13 prestigious schools across the UAE.

Masumi A.

CEO And Founder

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Explore the inspiring journey of, the Dubai-based online marketplace dedicated to serving children and moms. Founded and led by Masumi Aggarwal, has redefined the online shopping experience for families. This case study delves into how partnered with as their hosting provider, resulting in significant growth, cost savings, and exceptional service.

The Challenge:, with its focus on kids and moms, faced the challenge of delivering a seamless online shopping experience. To meet their goals, they needed a reliable hosting partner capable of handling increasing traffic and ensuring fast website performance.’s Transformation:

Discover how overcame their hosting challenges by choosing as their hosting provider. This case study highlights the impact on website performance, cost-efficiency, and the positive changes that empowered to thrive.

Conversation with Masumi Aggarwal, CEO and Founder of

KloudBean: Can you please introduce yourself and your role at

Masumi Aggarwal: I’m Masumi Aggarwal, the CEO and Founder of Based in Dubai, I lead our strategic initiatives, manage key partnerships, and ensure our platform offers the best shopping experience for kids and moms. My role encompasses leadership, business management, and customer satisfaction.

KloudBean: What does offer, and who is your target audience?

Masumi Aggarwal: is an online marketplace specializing in products for kids and moms. Our mission is to provide a wide range of high-quality items that cater to the needs of families. Our target audience consists of parents, particularly moms, and anyone seeking top-notch products for children and mothers.

KloudBean: Why did you choose as’s hosting provider, and what has your experience been like with their services?

Masumi Aggarwal: As our platform grew, we needed a hosting solution capable of handling increased traffic and offering scalability. We made the decision to partner with in 2023, and the transition was seamless. Our experience with has been exceptional, resulting in improved website performance, increased sales, and improved SEO rankings.

KloudBean: Could you describe the performance of’s website? How quickly does it load, and what impact has had on downtime and overall speed?

Masumi Aggarwal: With’s support, our website now loads in less than 2 sec, and our page speed ratings are A. This represents a significant improvement compared to our previous hosting provider, where we struggled to achieve satisfactory speeds.

KloudBean: How has hosting helped handle high levels of traffic and scale effectively?

Masumi Aggarwal: Our platform experiences seasonal peaks in traffic, especially during special events and promotions. With, we can easily scale our server resources up and down as needed. This efficient and cost-effective solution allows us to meet high traffic demands without breaking the bank.

KloudBean: What security measures have you utilized from to protect and customer data? How do you view’s backup solutions?

Masumi Aggarwal: We appreciate’s efforts in providing protection against bots and securing our website. While we have added a Web Application Firewall (BitninjaWAF) for additional security, we believe there is room for improvement in this area.’s backup solutions have been reliable, and we perform backups every 12 Hours, ensuring the safety of our data.

KloudBean: Have you used any of the additional features offered by, such as Cloudflare integration? If so, what has been your experience with these features?

Masumi Aggarwal: We have integrated Cloudflare CDN into our setup. Cloudflare has significantly improved website speed and enhanced bot protection. We are eagerly awaiting the release of full-page caching to further optimize our website performance.

KloudBean: How has the cost-effectiveness of hosting benefited’s business operations and overall profitability?

Masumi Aggarwal: Using has helped us reduce up to 60% of server costs, and if we consider scalability, we have reduced up to 50% of our costs. Hosting can be expensive, but with on-demand scalability, we save both server costs and labor hours. For example, during a sale event, we pay only the extra cost for the duration we need, which can be as short as 3 days, and the scaling process takes just 10 minutes and a few clicks.

KloudBean: How has hosting enabled to provide customers with a seamless and user-friendly online shopping experience?

Masumi Aggarwal: We always aimed for a responsive, fast-loading website. Approximately 80% of our traffic comes from mobile users who expect quick load times. High-speed loading is crucial for providing a great user experience and increasing conversions. With, our server handles 2-3 times more traffic than our previous host at a 50% cost reduction. Additionally, we’ve seen more organic search results on Google for Switching to was a game-changer for our brand.