Kloudbean Partnership with BitNinja

Delve into a realm where innovation meets protection, ensuring your website not only ranks high but stands resilient against cyber threats.

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Partnership announcement with BitNinja

We are proud to announce that from 2023 we have begun a long-term partnership with BitNinja, and made BitNinja Server Security available as a featured security product for our customers.

Kloudbean and BitNinja have worked hard over the past few months to fully integrate Server Security into our system. The result is an all-in-one, easy-to-use cybersecurity tool tailored to Virtual Private Servers/Server owners.Therefore, in terms of cybersecurity, you can stay a cut above the rest with BitNinja SiteProtection.

George Egri, the CEO, and founder of BitNinja said: “Cooperating with Kloudbean is a great opportunity for both of us. We can defend more websites with our system, and with every new website, our Defense Network grows stronger because we use a special crowdsourcing method and this kind of synergistic effect provides high value for every participant.”

About BitNinja

BitNinja’s mission is to make the Internet a safer place. They are a black belt in stopping hackers.

BitNinja is an award-winning, multi-layered security system. It automatically blocks cyberattacks at any threat level and makes the clients’ security faster and smarter by hardening the usual security arsenal with an intelligent Defense Network.

BitNinja uses the crowdsourcing method, which means when a BitNinja protected website detects an attack or blocks a malicious request, it sends the information to the cloud datacenter. This way, all BitNinja protected websites across the world get immediate protection.